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Graduate Program in Tropical Marine Sciences: Focus on the Sustainability of Coastal Ecosystems

The Post Graduate Program in Tropical Marine Sciences (PPGCMT) started its activities in 2001, in UFC’s Marine Sciences Institute (LABOMAR), based on a strong scientific tradition in the research of marine ecosystems in North and Northeast Brazil. The program’s mission is to form resourceful new researchers with a focus on understanding the processes and activities in the tropical marine ecosystems. Until this moment, the PPGCMT has graduated more than 200 masters and doctors who now contribute for Marine Science on a wide range of positions inside and outside the country. The program faculty is formed by 30 members, including permanent and temporary professors and researchers. All this activity has resulted in an average 60 scientific articles per year covering a wide range of topics in Marine Science. A list of journal articles produced can be found here.

The Post Graduate Program in Tropical Marine Sciences (PPGCMT) is headquartered at the Instituto de Ciências do Mar (LABOMAR), from the Universidade Federal do Ceará, and comprises academic strictu sensu courses at masters and doctorate levels. The program research focus is the Use and Management of Marine and Estuarine Ecosystems, with three subsidiary research lines:

  • Environmental Impact Analysis in Oceanic and Coastal Regions
  • Ecosystem Management for Biological Production
  • Prospection of Marine Resources

The PPGCMT begun its activities in 2001, with the masters course and in 2008, started its  doctorate. The program’s main goal is to train highly skilled researchers with the ability to produce scientific knowledge about the processes and resources of the tropical marine and coastal zones. As of today, the PPGCMT has graduated more than 160 masters and doctors, achieving national leadership in number of yearly formed researchers in the field of Oceanography.

With a strong scientific production, the program counts with 30 full time professors dedicated to supervising and teaching on the various fields of the Marine Science. Most of the faculty is based at LABOMAR itself, but the PPGCMT also includes researchers from other departments of the university, as well as from other Brazilian and overseas institutions.


Contact:  ppgcmt@ufc.br